Just recently (Jan 2018) I discovered AnkiDroid, a mobile app that allows users to upload their own flashcards. I tried it out by creating flashcards for a few physics concepts and even some mathematics common mistakes for my son. It worked quite well. But I thought the interface of AnkiDroid is too powerful and thus too complicated for average folks. If only the the user interface is more intuitive. Then I thought, why not write the app myself? Miraculously, a month later, my app is published at Google Play Store. YES!

Go to Google Play Store, search for “xmphysics”.

For apple phones users, I’m sorry school has started and I simply do not have the time to plunge into the ios realm. If the feedback for the android app is good, I can get somebody (an ex-student perhaps) to code the ios version. Meanwhile I have converted some of the decks into slideshows for you to¬†browse sequentially through the deck. URLs are provided below and remember to shout “mrchuaisthebest“.

01 | slideshow | Vectors
02 | slideshow | Kinematics Graphs
03 | slideshow | Collisions
04 | slideshow | Moments
11 | slideshow | First Law of Thermal Dynamics
12 | slideshow | E and V Graphs

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